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chain link fence

Adding a tennis court to your sports facility or backyard? You might not realize it but there are several reasons why the majority of tennis courts you see in Vancouver are fenced with high quality chain link fencing. Keep reading to learn more about why chain link is the best choice for your court.

Strength When it comes to strength, there are many fencing materials that come to mind like wood, concrete or brick. But none of these materials are quite as well suited to tennis courts as chain link. Chain link is strong enough to stand up over time while also allowing greater visibility and flexibility than other materials. Flexibility The fencing material you choose for your Vancouver tennis court needs to be able to withstand high velocity impacts from tennis balls day after day without suffering any major damage. It also needs to be able to handle the impact of the occasional tennis player without caving in or causing serious injury. Chain link’s flexibility makes it one of the strongest and safest materials you can use for your court. Durability When properly installed, chain link fencing can endure Surrey’s worst weather as well as repeated impact over time. At Western Fence & Gate, we fabricate all of our own chain link using the highest industry standards. Our chain link fences are durable because they’re made to last a lifetime. Cost Not only is chain link strong enough to withstand constant battery from fly-away tennis balls, it’s also incredibly cost-effective. Chain link fencing is low-maintenance when compared with other materials and costs very little for up-keep and repair. Easy Set Up Unlike some other types of fencing materials, which require a great deal of time and man-power to install, chain link is quick and simple to set-up. This means less labour and installation costs for you so that you can complete your project on time and under budget. Custom Options We can fabricate fences to your exact specifications so you get the security and coverage you need. You can also add coloured slats to your chain link fencing for added privacy or to create a style that is your own. Western Fence & Gate is your source for high quality chain link fencing in Vancouver, Surrey and throughout the Lower Mainland. We can fabricate and install fences for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal projects. No project is too big or too small. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote. If you want to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your property anytime they like, a driveway gate is great way to do it. At Western Fence & Gate we offer the following types of driveway gates to customers all over Greater Vancouver:

  • Swing gates

  • Sliding gates

  • Barrier gates

  • Cantilever gates

Keep reading and we’ll take a closer look at all the options. Swing Gates There are a couple of different kinds of swing gates, namely, single and double. Single swing gates open like an interior door, while double swing gates open like a set of French doors. Swing gates work best on flat driveways. If your driveway isn’t level, they may not be able to open properly. While they both work the same way, double swing gates are the more visually-appealing and popular option. Sliding Gates Sliding gates offer a secure and esthetically pleasing option, providing you have the space to accommodate the gate on the sliding side. Sliding gates can be fitted to open to the left or to the right, depending on your property. If you are thinking of installing a sliding gate, you’ll have to make sure you’ll have the clearance to open the gate without impeding your neighbours’ space. Barrier Gates Barrier gates can be a great way to control traffic or stop unauthorized vehicles from entering your property. They’re one of the most economical options but they only offer a bare-bones barrier for vehicles and offer no security at all against foot traffic. You see barrier gates most often used in paid parking lots. Cantilever Gates Cantilever gates are a great option here in Canada, because they don’t have wheels on the ground and can open even if there is debris, like snow, on the driveway. However, they do need a lot of space to open, so if you’re thinking of installing a cantilever gate speak with one of the specialists from Western Fence & Gate to make sure that this type of gate will work for your property. Western Fence & Gate is the premier choice for driveway gates and fencing in the Vancouver area. Contact us today to request a quote and one of our fence and gate specialists will be happy to help you!


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