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Protect your property with custom-made fencing in Greater Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland from Western Fence & Gate Ltd. We fabricate, install and repair chain link and decorative fencing for commercial, industrial and residential clients. From gate automation to the fabrication of steel or aluminum railing, we can handle your job. Western Fence & Gate has now become your trusted fabricator for miscellaneous steel and aluminum jobs.

Our team of experts provides top-quality craftsmanship for every project that we cater to. Our entire fence fabrication and fence repair in Vancouver is custom designed as per our clients' requirements. Our efforts are always to deliver the highest standard of the product so that we exceed our clients' expectations.

Are you looking for a fencing contractor for your fence fabrication in Vancouver? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

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When it comes to your need for fences in Vancouver, we are pleased to assist you with:

Bollards (fixed and removable)

– Protect your storefront and block off designated areas of your parking lot with our sturdy bollards, available in both permanent and removable form. Most bollards are made of steel, which can resist corrosion, heat damage, and chemical damage. Its high strength grades allow for an overall reduced thickness to provide a cleaner appearance.

– If you plan to fence in your backyard, erect a border around your pool or have any other plans for fencing, we have you covered. We understand that every client has their budget, and our efforts are always to give the best possible customization according to the requirement. If you have a tight budget to work with, chain link fencing is the best solution for your needs.

– We provide secure and easily movable dog kennels and enclosures to allow your pet to enjoy being outside without the worry of running off. Our kennels are available in different sizes and aesthetically pleasing while delivering the right comfort level to your pet.

Galvanized Fittings

– When you're building any facility, machine or other items, having tough and durable galvanized fittings is essential. Our products are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they are also safe for your property.

Galvanized Steel Pipes and Square Tubing

– For every home improvement project, our galvanized steel pipes or square tubing—made with the most durable of material—will stand up to the harshest of elements.

– Are you looking to add extra security to your home or business? An automated driveway/entrance gate is an affordable and perfect solution. Our gates are built to be extremely durable – providing an added layer of security, and they create harmony and balance with the design of your property. Our gates are available in multiple designs and can be fitted to your needs.

– One of the most effective solutions to secure your property while simultaneously increasing curb appeal is the addition of beautiful decorative steel or aluminum fencing. This provides the ability to limit access to your property while elevating its look.

Sign Posts

– From street signs to enter/exit signs and more, our sturdy and durable signposts will get the job done. Our designs are done so that they last you a long-time without the need for repairs.

– If you need a batting cage, baseball backstop or perimeter field/court fencing, Western Fence & Gate will have you covered! We bring creativity to the table, so let us know about your requirement, and we'll design it just for you.


As the name suggests, fence fabrication is the creation of fences from materials like metals. An experienced fence contractor like us can create the right fence for you by taking all of your needs into account. We believe in providing a hands-on approach to all of our clients. When you come to us, we carefully assess your budget, lifestyle, and requirements to fabricate the most suitable fence for your property. Moreover, we place the utmost importance on quality, which is why all of our fabricated fences meet the industry's highest standards.


Unlike pre-made fences, a fabricated fence is designed to meet your needs. This allows it to blend into your property seamlessly.  Call us to learn more about our fence fabrication in Vancouver.


A fence is crafted to last you a long time. However, with wear and tear and other factors like bad weather, a fence can fall into disrepair. Not only does a broken fence make your property look bad, it compromises your safety. Some signs that your fence might need a repair include:

  • Bending

  • Pests

  • Discolouration

  • Puckering

  • Rust

  • Peeling paint

  • Signs of mould

  • Damaged boards

Our team can handle all kinds of fence repairs in Surrey. We advise you to immediately schedule an appointment with us if you notice any of these signs on your fence. Ignoring the issue can aggravate the problem, which might result in the necessity of a complete replacement.


We at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. have met many clients' fencing installation and repair needs over the years. Those who choose us have a variety of benefits to enjoy, including:

  • The expertise that comes with experience

  • A deep understanding of fence fabrication, installation and repairs

  • Customized solutions

  • Great customer service

  • Cost-effective services

  • Adherence to the highest standards of the industry

Would you like to avail our professional fence repair and fabrication services? Get in touch with us today!


If you have a home in the Greater Vancouver or Lower Mainland area and are looking into investing in a fence or automated gate, contact the team at Western Fence & Gate today! We can accommodate most requests to help you find the right fence for your needs.

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