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Fencing is a critical part of your sport courts and fields. Moreover, sport court fencing needs to adhere to the highest possible standards of quality and meet local regulations. This is why when it comes to sports courts and field fencing, you should only turn to someone you can trust. We at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. have provided sport court fencing to our Greater Vancouver clients since 1976. Our skilled fabricators and installers provide chain link fencing solutions for properties of all types, including schools, municipal grounds and private residences. We offer sport court fencing in Vancouver that is both cost-effective and long-lasting.


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Fence installation is always tricky, whether you are doing it for your residential, commercial property, or sports facility. Sports court fencing provides benefits to both the participants and spectators, whether it is a basketball court, tennis court, or something else. Having a sports  court fence can also assist you in perimeter control and safety.


You can surf through the list of advantages you can experience when you invest in fencing your sports facilities in Vancouver:

To catch the balls

If you own a sports facility that uses balls, such as baseball, tennis or other sports, having to search for balls is a tedious and time-consuming process that most players would rather avoid. Installing a fence can avoid this. Moreover, it also creates a barrier between flying balls and nearby pools, streets, windows, etc.

Protects your court:

Sport facility fences can be locked, helping you keep intruders like graffiti artists or skaters out of your sports court. Apart from this, you can also manage to keep wildlife, domestic animals, and encroaching vegetation and debris out of the court.

Protects bystanders:

You must have observed that those who are watching a game aren't always paying attention to it. Also, players often tend to hit high shots. Installing a fence around your sports facility can help prevent accidents, protecting your audiences as well as other bystanders from prospective injuries.

In addition to the points mentioned above, when you install a fence, it can help you with the reduced insurance premium required to pay for the sports complex. This becomes especially important if it is a public facility and you have limited funding. So, if you own a sports facility, keeping it secure and well-maintained should be one of your top priorities.


We handle fencing for a variety of sports facilities, including, but not limited to:

Baseball field fence

You can always fence your baseball fields to help control the high hits and provide impact resistance to the player. It can also prevent injuries or accidents during sporting events due to thrown or batted balls.

Baseball backstop

Fencing the baseball backstop areas can shield the spectators behind the plate from being hit by foul tips or bats. It can also help protect the catcher, who may go all-out to catch a pop-up ball and make an out.

Soccer field and backstop

The installed fence can provide you with increased safety as players often run at full-speed, which can cause accidents if they're not aware of their surroundings. These fences also help in keeping the spectators safe. The players can contain the ball within the fenced premises.

Basketball court

Having a fenced basketball court helps the players focus on the game and provides increased security and privacy. It also increases the value of your sports facility.

Tennis court
Swimming pool enclosure

Fencing your swimming pools not only can protect your swimmers but also act as a deterrent to outsiders gaining access, preventing accidents from toddler falling in the pool to wild animals accidentally drowning in it.

Batting cage

This helps the player get a better grip at batting and provides a more comfortable player training session.

From weaving chain link mesh to fabrication and installation of gate, Western Fence & Gate Ltd. will handle all facets of the job.


At Western Fence & Gate Ltd., you can choose from a wide selection of fencing materials suiting your needs:

  • Chain link fence

  • Welded mesh fence

  • Ball stop fencing

  • Cast-iron fences

  • Galvanized iron

  • Welded wire

  • PVC fence

It is always advised to hire a professional sports fencing contractor for quality products and installation services.


Are you looking for an effective, secure and safe game court fencing solution? We at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. are committed to providing quality products and craftsmanship to our valuable customers. You can rely on our experienced and skilled staff to clarify your queries regarding choosing the right fences for your sports facility in Vancouver.


Providing superior fencing for sports facilities is our way of contributing towards our community as we understand the importance of playing sports to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can entrust us to cover all your fencing needs whether you need it for your tennis court, swimming pools, baseball courts or soccer fields.


Our professionals will do the job right the first time, exceeding your expectations. All you have to do is, call us!

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