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Chain Link Fencing


Implement a cost-effective security solution for your property with chain link fencing in Langley from Western Fence & Gate Ltd. As your source for Lower Mainland fences since 1976, we have the knowledge and expertise to create affordable and reliable chain link fencing in Vancouver to meet your unique needs. We are well-versed in various commercial applications, sport fields, enclosures and automated gate systems.

Our chain link fencing is used to provide:

  • Perimeter security fence

  • Baseball backstop, field fence and batting cage

  • Tennis court fencing and soccer field fencing

  • Dog kennels, dog runs

  • Bicycle enclosure, gas meter enclosure and transformer enclosure

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Advantages of Installing a Chain Link Fence in Vancouver

When you’re considering the installation of a chain link fence in Vancouver, you’ll want to keep in mind the various benefits!

 Long-Lasting and Durable – Chain link fencing consists of galvanized steel, which has the ability to stand up to the elements and other forms of wear for years to come. An added benefit is that a chain link fence can be painted or coated to further defend against corrosion from ice and snow and exposure to rain and sunlight.

 Easy to Repair – If a chain link fence is damaged due to vandalism, accidents or other causes, the section in question can be easily cut out and replaced. From a design perspective, the new section of galvanized steel will blend right in with the existing fencing, meaning you won’t ever need to replace the entire fence.

 Simple Maintenance – When it comes to chain link fencing, there is virtually no maintenance required at all. The team at Western Fence & Gate recommends hosing down your chain link fence with soap and water every so often to give it a fresh and shiny look.

 Low Purchase and Installation Costs – Compared to other types of fencing, a chain link fence is very affordable, as is the installation. It’s typically cheaper to install than brick, PVC, wood and other forms of residential fencing.

Choosing Your Style of Chain Link Fence

Choosing a style of chain link fence is an important decision both in terms of your fencing needs and from a design perspective. Luckily, the team at Western Fence & Gate has the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decision, whether you’re installing chain link fencing at your home or business.

There are two important steps that play into the decision making process:

 Diameter – The diameter of the wire—also known as the gauge—determines how much galvanized steel is contained within the fabric. The smaller the gauge number is, the more steel is included, resulting in a higher quality fence.

 Mesh Size – This determines the distance between the wires in the mesh of the fencing. In layman’s terms, this is the size of each “diamond” shape throughout the entirety of your fence. Our team will accommodate various sizes depending upon your preference.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are fittings?
Various types of fittings are required to assemble a chain link fence system. A specific type of
fittings is used for line posts and terminal posts. Lightweight and economical cast steel or
aluminum is used for residential applications.

 Do the posts need to be set in concrete footings?
No. Typically the posts are pounded to a minimum depth which allows least disturbance to the
compacted soil.

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As a Greater Vancouver fence manufacturer since 1976, we take pride in customizing to your specific requirements. Call us at 604-543-7665 or request a quote from us today to get more information about chain link fences in Vancouver, Langley and Surrey.

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