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Soccer field fence

Almost every sports field requires a fence. Having the right fencing for a sports field can make or break the experience.

Appearance is one factor of sports fencing, but there are also many practical benefits to the right sport fencing. Here, we'll discuss how to pick the right fencing to suit your sport. 



Fencing keeps children safe from roads and keeps equipment inside the designated sports area. Along with maintaining valuables inside, fencing also keeps unwanted things outside. Fencing can help prevent unauthorized people from using the facilities and animals that could harm the field.

Sports fencing keeps players safe as well as fans. Rogue balls can injure fans or cause damage to cars or other buildings. The right fencing can prevent all sorts of accidents from happening. Fencing also protects players from any kind of paraphernalia that troublemaking fans may throw their way. Having a fence between the two helps fans enjoy the sport safely and players to focus on the game at hand.

Just like you can have many different kinds of fencing for your home, you want to have the right kind of fencing for each sporting type. Now that you know why having the right kind of fencing is so important, here are some sport fencing examples.



Fencing isn't a factor in the actual game of football. However, it is crucial for keeping fans separate from the players. A chainlink fence is perfect for this use because it doesn't detract from the view of those in the bleachers. Usually, the fencing around a football field is about four feet high. Some sports centers might decide to put ornamental fencing at places where the fence can be seen from the road or at the park entrance.



Fencing is perhaps more important in baseball than in any other sport. Because of the nature of baseball, fans are at a high risk of injury if there is no fencing. The recommended height for baseball fences is eight feet tall and is almost always chain link fencing.



Like baseball, tennis needs to have secure boundaries so that people outside the court don't get injured and no harm comes to anything outside of the tennis courts. Fencing around tennis courts is typically very high, about ten feet, and made of chain link.

One thing to consider with tennis courts and baseball fields is that the meshing of the chain link is small enough so that balls cannot slip through them. The chain meshing cannot be so small that onlookers have difficulty seeing the sport. With that in mind, you'll want to view several mesh variances to find the right one for you.



No matter what kind of sports fencing you're looking for, football, tennis, baseball, or softball, Western Fence and Gate is your one-stop-shop for all your sport fencing needs. We design, fabricate and install all kinds of metal fencing, which makes getting a fence easy.

If you're in the Vancouver area, we have what you're looking for. You can contact us easily to get a quote for any of your fencing needs. We look forward to getting your sport fencing up and getting you on the field.


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