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Today more than ever there is a vast selection of fencing solutions that were not available a few short years ago. Fencing can serve a variety of functions including containment, exclusion, defining borders and boundaries, privacy or just aesthetics.


Traditionally residential fencing in the Greater Vancouver area was built out of cedar as it was plentiful, inexpensive, and versatile with respect to the variety of different fence designs. Cedar is a well-suited material for building in the West Coast. 

Some cedar fencing examples, if maintained, have lasted upwards of a century! Another popular alternative, yet more costly choice in the past has been stone, brick or cement, and wrought iron fencing. These types of fences made a statement and were traditionally reserved for the upper class as they were considerably ornate, more laborious and more costly to construct. 

Over the years the price of cedar has become increasingly more expensive compared to new alternate materials. As a result, there are a number of alternatives, especially for those with larger fencing budgets and are looking to make a statement with aesthetically pleasing yet low maintenance fencing solutions. 

Architectural steel fencing has become an increasingly popular option and has made significant strides in being utilized for a wide variety of residential fencing. The architectural steel designs range from steel stamped /embossed or corrugated panels to a variety of stylized bars and pickets. 

Another popular style utilizes mixed materials. Typically, with the mixed material style fences the base frame of the fence is made from steel or aluminum while the privacy slats are made from composite or wood. Both styles of fences are attractive, require little to no maintenance and will be long-lasting.


Get Started with Modern Fencing Today

At Western Fence and Gate, we have utilized our nearly 50 years of expertise in steel design and construction to build both traditional and contemporary attractive yet durable steel & steel mixed-material residential fencing solutions. 

Our team is competent and proficient in the design, construction, and installations of architectural steel and steel and composite fencing solutions. Whether you are located in West Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver or Richmond, Western Fence is here to provide you with an attractive, durable and unique fencing solution suited to the Greater Vancouver climate.

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