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Aluminum fences aren't adversely affected by harsh weather conditions. Keep snow away from your fence to avoid moisture problems and piling. Aluminum fences do not rot and aren't damaged by insects. They are easy to maintain and affordable, which makes them a great choice. Be it ornamental fences or every day fences, you can get both in aluminum.


1. It helps you save money

Similar to various other construction businesses, fencing contractors have high sales during the months of summer and spring. To keep their employees on the payroll during the less productive months, fencing contractors offer great discounts and upgraded products. If you have a low budget but want a custom-made aluminum fence, you should get working on your project during fall. This will help meet your expectations an affordable price range. You can check out the company’s previous work in the gallery just to make sure they provide what you are looking for.

2. Cut the time frame

If you schedule your work during winter, you don't have to wait to get a date for the crew’s availability for the project to begin. And also, more people will be available during the winters that can get your work done faster and better. If you decide to wait for spring, get suitable dates to install your aluminum fence. If the crew is dealing with multiple projects at the same time, they will not be able to focus solely on your project.

3. Landscape friendly

If there are plants and bushes near the area that you want to install an aluminum fence, there’s a chance of potential damage to them. During winters when your landscape becomes dormant, it causes minimum damage to your plants. The grass will be dormant as well and won't face much damage from the equipment and manual labour. Also, the workers will make sure that the perennials are safely protected under the soil while they are working. If you do have a professional landscaper, make sure to consult the design and placement of the fences with them. They will be able to help you create a picture-perfect landscape with fences around.

Some tips on how to maintain your aluminum fence during winters:

1. To ensure your fence has a long lasting life, make sure to remove the autumn leaves, ice dams and snow to keep them in their best shape and appearance.

2. Choose an experienced and reputable aluminum fence installation company who can create appropriate cement footings for your fence posts.

3. Avoid installing footings when the temperatures are far below freezing as the cement won't set properly.

4. Check on the footings to make sure they're in good shape.

5. Make sure the shrubs are trimmed and the grass is mowed so that your aluminum fence isn't affected by them.

Dedication and routine maintenance can help you ensure that your aluminum fence stays dry and fresh for years to come. If you get your aluminum fence installed in winter by the time spring arrives you'll be able to go out and enjoy the weather in your yard.

Western Fence & Gate Ltd. is here to help you out. We can install and help you maintain fencing, automated gates and access to add a new level of security to your property. Our team of experts have years of experience in this area and are both efficient and reliable. Expect high quality products and services to be delivered to you. Contact us to know more!



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