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automated gate

Automated or motorized gates are becoming more commonplace in both commercial and residential applications. If you own a business or even a remote residential home an automated gate can provide you with an additional layer of security. Automated gates can be connected to a security or passcode reader and camera allowing you to control, monitor, or review those that have entered the property via this access point, thus adding an extra layer of perimeter security.

An automated gate helps to ensure that your property is always well-protected and acts as a deterrent to potential break-ins as they act as a physical barrier to entry between your home or business and any potential burglars. Being automated, you have the benefit of this barrier at all times, yet you can easily access your property without having to leave the comfort and safety of your vehicle via the push of a remote-control button or swipe of an access card. The automated gate allows you to avoid exposure to any inclement weather in addition to providing a layer of safety as you are not required to exit your vehicle in order to open the gate and avoid any potential threats that may be lurking in the shadows. An automated security gate can also make your home or business look more visually appealing as well as add value to your property. With many different styles, a well-designed automated security gate can add both curb appeal and security all while making your home or business safer and more inviting to your guests or workers. Western Fence and Gate has installed thousands of automated gates over the years throughout the Greater Vancouver area. We invite you to meet with our experienced team as they can help design and select the best option to meet your particular application. Visit: today!


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