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Caring for an aluminum fence

Aluminum fences are inexpensive, attractive, and low maintenance. While they are low maintenance, they still require some attention from time to time. Maintenance, however, will not take up a weekend every year or overextend your budget.

Typically, maintaining your aluminum fence in Vancouver involves keeping it clean, removing mould growth, and repairing it as needed.

Tips for Maintaining Your Aluminium Fence Year-Round

Most aluminum fences come with a powder gloss finish; therefore, this finish is applied at the factory and designed specifically to protect your fencing from UV rays, oxidizing, and damage from the elements. Despite this covering, you still should take the following measures to keep your fence strong and aesthetically pleasing:

  • Do a quick wash – Over time, your fence will experience a buildup of grass clippings, mud, dirt, and debris. Removing this debris when you see it will make the task easier. It takes nothing more than spraying it down with a water hose. For stubbornly stuck on debris, switch over to a pressure washer that has at least 2000 PSI to remove the buildup. When the dirt is too much, mix up equal parts warm water and baking soda, then use a pressure washer to apply it.

  • Keep away trees and shrubs – While aluminum is strong, a tree root or large shrub growing underneath the fence can warp it easily. Therefore, if you have a tree or shrub growing close to the fence, keep an eye on it. Once it is clear that the roots are going to grow under your fence and compromise its integrity, you must take care to remove the shrub.

  • Wax on, wax off – After washing your fence, allow it to dry completely. Then apply a coat of car wax, and allow the wax to remain in place for 30 minutes before gently wiping it up with a soft, damp cloth.

  • Treat it right – Your fence is not meant for recreation so make sure children are not climbing it or swinging on the gate. Keep your gate secured so that it does not swing in the wind either, which can dent and warp it. Every spring, adjust your fence’s gate to ensure it is level. Then oil the hinges and tighten the screws.

Professional Maintenance for Your Aluminum Fence

Sometimes an aluminum fence is beyond cleaning and quick repairs. If that is the case with your fence, do not assume you are without options. Sometimes a professional can help restore the fence and repair it so you can avoid the cost of a full replacement. The team at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. can come over to inspect your aluminum fence in Vancouver and surrounding areas. If we find that it is no longer worthy of cleaning or repair, our team will provide you with a no-obligation quote for a new fence for your property. Our team has been providing high-quality fences since 1976, and we are the go-to source for fencing and gates throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Contact a team member at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. online today for a no-obligation estimate on your new aluminum fence, or call us at 604-543-7665.


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