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Driveway Gates

Electric or automated gates are controlled through an electric-powered mechanism. They are designed to slide across where the gate retracts along the fence or wall, using wheels or bearings. They can be designed to swing open and close on hinges. Whichever you choose, they provide a completely secure environment when combined with good quality locks, video surveillance and security guards. The experts at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. have been installing automatic driveway gates for residential, commercial and industrial clients since 1992.


You can operate automatic gates with a push of a button. They provide easy entry for you while keeping unwanted visitors out. Here are a few of the major features of an automated entryway:

· Since it is electrically controlled, the swinging or sliding motions of the gates are smooth and easy.

· All standard automated gates come with sensors to avoid closing in on any person thing. You can get infra-red beam and anti-crushing protection for strong for added reliability.

· You can open or close it at will from inside your house through an intercom. A popular setting allows the owner to choose whether or not to grant access and allow exit to everyone without trouble.

· Automated gates can be paired with security keypads. This allows you to set your own unique code which is great when it comes to security concerns.

· The automated driveway gates can also be powered with batteries and solar panels. Without a dependency on electricity, you wouldn’t have to worry about a power failure.


You can find several reports in the newspaper citing incidents of theft or robbery in the driveways of homes or offices. With automated gates, you can look forward to numerous advantages like:

· Privacy – The privacy of your home or business or office is extremely important. Protect it from outsiders with simply a remote.

· Protection of Pets and Children – Since you can control and preview the people entering and leaving your home and office, you create a secure environment for your children and pets. Automated gates prevent pets or children from wandering out and wildlife like deer from getting in.

· Convenience – Don’t bother to get out of your car and open or close the gates in rain or snow. With automated systems, you can efficiently control this through vehicle tags, electronic cards and remote controls.

· Keeping Away Unauthorized Vehicles - If you live in a neighbourhood where others keep parking in front of your house, you can benefit from an automated gate.

· Curb Appeal – Automated driveways are trendy and increase the aesthetic and curb appeal of your premises. Select a driveway style that matches and compliments your house. They are available in various shapes, sizes and heights. Automated entry and exit systems also increase the property value of your residence up to five percent. It is a significant advantage if you plan to sell your property someday.

By giving you a better curb-appeal and increasing your property’s value, it does save you money. Moreover, you will have better chances of receiving a discount from your insurance company because of the added security feature.

For more information, read our blog on the pros and cons of single and double piece driveway gates.

Choose quality automated driveway gates for your residential or commercial complex. You can select between light-duty or heavy-duty automated gates as per your requirements. Trust our experts to consider your needs while installing automatic gates at your place. Contact us today to request a quote for the installation of chain-link or ornamental fences and gates at your home.


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