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Common DIY fencing installation mistakes

As a homeowner, you work hard to keep your property looking beautiful. You paint the interior, install a new backsplash in the kitchen, create a pleasing landscape, and do what you can to enhance every inch of your home inside and out.

When it comes to fencing however, like many homeowners, you might assume that you can do the job yourself. After all, you have done everything else. Sadly when a homeowner takes something like fencing into their hands, it’s far too common for mistakes to happen.

What are the Common DIY Fencing Mistakes Made by Homeowners?

Mistakes with fencing are expensive and time-consuming to correct. When you fail to meet zoning laws, you might find yourself tearing down your fencing in Vancouver and incurring the unnecessary cost of redoing it. Understanding the benefits of hiring a professional to install your fencing can save you time and money. If you have installed a fence yourself or you are considering doing so, here are the mistakes you must avoid:

  • Property Boundaries – Do you know where your property ends and begins? Most homeowners and business owners are surprised to find that their property boundaries are not what they originally thought. Figuring out property boundaries usually requires a full property assessment, consulting local zoning, and professional know-how to determine accurate property lines.

  • Post Spacing Errors – Posts must be placed every 6 to 8 feet apart. Furthermore, posts must be installed 2 to 4 feet deep to remain upright in heavy winds and hold the weight of your fence.

  • Ignoring Zoning Laws – Zoning laws dictate the type of fence, where you can place it on your property, and even how tall fencing can be. If you ignore those zoning laws, you will find that you are required to remove your fence.

  • Using the Wrong Techniques – Whether you install wrought iron, wood, or aluminum fencing, you must use the proper technique. Each of these material types is unique and has specific requirements for installation. For example, wood posts must be treated before being inserted into the ground; otherwise, they are more likely to rot and become weak.

  • Forgetting the Grade – No one has a perfectly flat property and even what seems flat has variations in the grade. To keep your fence even and stable, you need to consider the grade and plan accordingly.

Hire a Professional to Install Your Fencing in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland

Whether you are trying to repair a poorly installed fence or you need a new fence for your commercial or residential property, leave the task to experienced professionals. Using the right equipment and training, you can be sure the job is done right. You will save money and time on the hassles of incorrect installation, including the costs of having to tear out your fence and start again. The team at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. offers all varieties from chain link to ornamental fencing in Vancouver and surrounding areas. We even provide driveway gates to secure your property and add value. Contact our team at Western Fence & Gate Ltd. online today for a no-obligation estimate on a new fence or call us at 604-543-7665 now.


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