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Driveway gates in British Columbia

Driveway gates in Vancouver are typically configured as either a single piece gate or a double piece gate. The pros and cons of these two setups are important to consider before deciding on a driveway gate for your home. According to the manufacturers of driveway gates in Surrey, Langley, and Vancouver at Western Fence & Gate Ltd., single and double driveway gates are better suited for different situations.

Let's begin by taking a look at single piece gates. Singe piece driveway gates are often chosen for their greater affordability over double piece gates. As they tend to come with less hardware, single piece gates also require less maintenance. As well as being budget-friendly, single piece gates can provide the security and elegant look you want. The biggest drawback of single piece driveway gates in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland is that they need ample swing distance. A gate that spans 12 ft. for example, would require 12 ft. of swing space. Single piece gates also require a stronger post, as all of the weight will rest on that one post. Compared to single piece gates, double piece driveway gates require only half the swing distance. A 12 ft. gate would need just 6 ft. of space in order to swing open. Double piece gates can also use smaller posts, and are available in more sizes than single piece gates. Many people prefer double gates for their more traditional look. While they have many benefits, double piece gates also require more hardware and are therefore more expensive. Two sets of hinges, two drop rods, and two opener motors contribute to the greater price, as well as to more possible maintenance issues. If you're considering driveway gates for your Langley, Surrey, or Vancouver area home, you should also consider whether you might want a sliding gate as opposed to than a swinging gate. While sliding gates are usually more expensive, they also negate the need for swing space. On the other hand, sliding gates do require level ground and more maintenance than swing gates. You'll have to always make sure that the track is clear, as the gate could stop or even derail if it can no longer slide freely because of debris. Your driveway gate is one of the first aspects of your property that is going to make an impression on guests, neighbours, and other people who may pass by. If you'd like it to leave a lasting and positive impression, then choosing the right driveway gate is important. At Western Fence & Gate Ltd. we are proud to provide beautiful and functional driveway gates in the Langley, Surrey, and Vancouver areas. We can design, fabricate, and install both single piece and double piece gates, as well as swinging and sliding gates. If you're interested in a quality driveway gate which both protects and adds aesthetic appeal to your property, don't hesitate to contact Western Fence & Gate Ltd. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate and answer any questions you may have.


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